The Thanks

Expressing thanks, is something that is drilled into most of us from a young age.  It’s even an exercise that is practiced Nationwide, each year, on the third Thursday of November.  Some spend the days leading up to Thanksgiving, focusing on the first half of the word, thanks.  There is much benefit in verbalizing what you are thankful for, since we are wired to hold onto the negative.  We so often pass by the good in our lives and what motivates us, opting to focus more on what weighs us down. 

The Giving

The second half of Thanksgiving, is giving.  This is a time when many of us grab on to opportunities to get more involved and help others, even if only for the moment.  It is at this time, that many ask,  how they can give more to their families and the community around them. 

If you are anything like the women I know, especially the mothers I know, you do these things as a prerequisite.  In fact, perhaps you do them to the detriment of ownself. In all of this thanking of others and giving to each other, the question looms what do we do for ourselves? 

The Challenge

This Thanksgiving, I would like to challenge you to see yourself more as a loved one, someone who is your saving grace, who gives to you, and is always working for you in your life.  Write down on a piece of paper some things for which you are thankful to that person (yourself).  Then I would like you to write down, what you can give (do for) that person (yourself), that you know they would benefit from.  How can you show your appreciation?  Sit with those two pieces of paper and observe them.  Sit with the warmth and gratitude to yourself for what you have done, no matter how small that makes you thankful.  Then, as if you were a person in your community that has been overlooked, figure out how you can set about giving what is needed to yourself. 

You are of great worth to the community. 

It is because of you that I am. 

Stay healthy, in mind, body and soul

I value you. 

Please value yourself, so that we can continue to be. 


Happy Thanksgiving,