I was attempting to review the Luna Cup Menstrual Cup and I mistakenly purchased the Luna Menstrual Cup instead.  I know, they are very similar in name.  That is ok...mistakes happen.  It gave me a chance to review another kind of menstrual cup.  I purchased it on Amazon, sold by Ferayco.  It is the first menstrual cup I am reviewing, so I cannot compare the texture of the cup or feel of it to any other cup at this time.  I will edit this article to include some comparisons, as I have the ability. 


The cup came in a nice box...


and came with a pretty sac to store the cup in.


The cup is a pinkish-purple color.  It has a small nub on the bottom of the cup.  It is soft and has no apparent smell.  I personally feel that color is not necessary and only makes me worried about the safety of yet another issue regarding my feminine care.  I would prefer the natural colorless tone of silicone.  The nub at the bottom of the cup was very small, which made it not so useful for gripping onto.  The upside of that was there was no issue of the nub staying comfortably inside my vaginal opening.  I know some cups are too long for women or the nubs are too long, which doesn't hurt, but can be a little annoying.    


Their website is pretty...

Photo Courtesy of  Luna Menstrual Cup

Photo Courtesy of Luna Menstrual Cup

Photo Courtesy of Luna Menstrual Cup

Photo Courtesy of Luna Menstrual Cup

...but what does it even mean?  Do Yoga Love Your Period?  In fact, unlike other more prominent cup companies, on this website, there is virtually no useful information available on it.   It omits, the verification for the silicone, dimensions of the cups, capacity of the cups, etc.  This is basic information that allows women to comparison shop. 

I contacted the company via email, since that was the only manner of contact available.  They returned my email within a day, letting me know that they preferred email contact.  I promptly sent my questions and received a response several days later.  They answered a few of my questions, but were unwilling to answer the remainder, as they said they were trade secrets.  The unanswered questions are things that other cup companies place on their website, but... 

Photo Courtesy of  Luna Menstrual Cup

Photo Courtesy of Luna Menstrual Cup

It seems that the cup is produced in China.  I cannot be certain on this, because they were not willing to answer that question.  Since they were unwilling to answer such a basic question I went to the internet.  I found a legal suit from this past year regarding patent rights,  that seems to point to the company producing in China.  The person with whom I corresponded at the company, felt that my review should not have "anything to do with who owns the company or how big their company is".  I wrote back to explain that women now days, like to know about the products they are purchasing.  Previously, I believed it was made in Mexico, but then I discovered this was  this Luna Cup, yes a third one!  Luna Menstrual Cup by Ferayco was unwilling also to share with me who the producer of their silicone is. I found that to be unusual as well.  Companies like Gaia, Meluna and Yuuki, all make this available.  I asked if their silicone is 100% silicone (which could still be FDA certified, but for food grade) or 100% medical grade silicone, because there is a difference.  Some companies put out less expensive varieties of cups using food grade silicone or silicones with additives.  In addition, some brands of menstrual cups are made from latex rubber, to which many people have a sensitivity.  This can be dangerous if one is unaware of having this allergy.  It is a good idea to check the material yours is made from.  

Ferayco did not have it handy on their website, but when asked via email, did offer the sizing of the cups.  This is useful since women who have used cups before, sometimes look for other cups based on the dimensions of their previous cups.  Their large cup is 48.5 mm in diameter and 55 mm in length without the stem.  It's capacity is about 30ml.  The small cup is 41 mm in diameter and 51 mm in length.  The small cup holds about 25 ml.  Often this information is available on the website of individual cups, as they differ.  The recommended amount of absorbency for tampons is 15ml. and below.  Menstrual cups often have a capacity that is above this, since they do not absorb, they collect. Greater fluid capacity is an advantage of the cup.    

 Good news for vegans, the cute storage bag, mentioned above, is not silk, so they've got that going for them.  The bags are made of polyester.  I also asked about the coloring in the cups.  As you know I prefer non-colored cups.  They told me that the coloring was food grade dye and that they dyed the cups to appeal to users "emotional center". There is a great article written from a site, mentioned earlier, on Nameless and Cheap Cups, I think all should read this.  

I must say when dealing with such a personal matter, I much prefer a company like The Luna Cup Menstrual Cup, the other Luna Cup I spoke with, but didn't review its cup yet .  They were very forthcoming and I was not left feeling like I was stepping into some big mystery.  As I mentioned prior,  they responded to my concerns and in a polite and timely manner. Who knows however, Ferayco, could be absolutely wonderful; I have put out a final email to them and await their response, which I will update here if I receive further clarifications.