Home Away from Home

Now I do have a proper home office, but I have to say my car has doubled as a retreat for many years now.  My car has housed me for about 3, non-work related hours a day.  I suppose with this amount of time commitment to my car, a little effort to make it an appealing and functional place is important.

I do not have much along the way of non-discretionary cash, so I am not speaking about a luxurious car, nor additions that are costly.  I also often function as an "Uber" to my children and their friends (who I adore!).  Though I would never trade my "angels" in, such items as wrappers, dirty socks and orange peels are not foreign to our car.  

This is the place where some of our most important family conversations happen.  They are short and to the point, solving world problems in 15 mins!  At the end of the day, when when park in the driveway, one of two things often happens; one, we pause to complete a really great discussion or two, I close my eyes and breath to prepare for part 2 of my day!

Here is my functioning list for a "Home Away From Home Car":

I) Inclement Weather

1. Sunscreen - I live in the NY/NJ Metropolitan Area, so summer can be harsh and gets included the planning for inclement weather!

2. Aloe Vera Gel - Use for sun-burn, moisturizer, hair gel...

3. Hand Warmers - I'm not trying to pretend I can handle this cold weather out here!  These are my "ace in the pocket" - ha!

4. Lip Balm & gloss - Keep it poppin'!

5. Umbrella - It seems to rain at a moments notice here.  The weather man says it's clear, while I watch the rain come down.

6. A Blanket - Great for impromptu picnics, sporting events, cold cars in the morning and waiting for practice to end in the cold car.

7. A Rain Slicker - 'cause "you never know"...


II) First Aid

1.Peppermint Oil and Tylenol - Tylenol is for real emergencies.  If I'm in no huge rush peppermint oil on the temples does wonders.

2. 1st Aid Kit - a must have and speaks for itself.

3.. Phone Chargers - Apple and Windows (or whichever you need)

4. Flashlight - Always comes in handy (I have one that charges in the car's power outlet)

5. Telephone numbers on a piece of paper - a funny story goes with this one.  Trust me it's a good idea!


III) Utilitarian Purposes

1. Whisk broom & Dust pan - Cute & rarely used, but I hold out hope!

2. Garbage bag - see above...

3. Scissors - We ALWAYS need these, typically opening a package just purchased(that not only keeps you from shoplifting, but from also ever being able to access you purchased item), because someone forgot something and we would be late if we turned around to head home!

4. Screw Driver - You'd be surprised...

5. A Knive (in a sheath) - for cutting fruit, bread, whatever...

6. Change - Parking that doesn't have a credit card slot, mom can I..., "oh my gosh, I'm almost out of gas and I forgot my purse at home!"

7. Permanent Marker - Because certain kid items don't find their way home otherwise...

IV) A Girl's Stash

1. Perfume - refresh after a long day and haven't been home, refresh my "Home Away from Home" with fabric seats after dropping off 4 sweaty football players or rowers!

2. A Dark Nail Polish - I don't have time or money for weekly manicures, but I can always do a quick mani in the car, before I leave!

3. Toothbrush & Dental Floss - self-explanitory

4. Deodorant - Never let'em see you sweat!

5. Tampons -  ...   & good for removing nail polish if you forgot cotton balls (jk).

6. Lotion or Jojoba oil - Necessary in the winter.


V) The Kitchen

1. Paper towel - We don't use them too much, but if I didn't have them, we would need them...!

2. Fork & Spoon - On the run...


VI) Sporty Mom

Because I like to get my exercise in wherever I can:

1. Hiking boots

2. Clip on Bike Light

3. Bike Helmet

4.  Bike Chain Oil


VII) For Doggie

1. Collapsible Dog Bowl

2. Dog Seat belt

3. Doggie Poop Bags


VIII) Snack Time

My kids always come into the car rummaging for snacks after practice

1. Dried Fruit & Fruit Leather

2. Nuts

3. Water & Coconut Water


IX) Game Day & Carpool Mom

1. Gel Pad for Seat - Because this skinny-boned butt mom can only sit comfortable for so long.

2. Stadium Pads - If not I WILL forget.

3. Playing Cards - Always up for a game.

4. A good book - Make use of extra time.

5. A notebook to write on -  My best thoughts arise when I am in the car alone.


I am committed to being a great single mom and these things make me look good...or at least better!