Photo Credit:  skincarechannel

Photo Credit: skincarechannel


  Nature's Gift

   Nature's Gift... Inevitably once a month, just as its existence has faded into the hustle of day to day life, it seems I am graced with a familiar harbinger of my pending menstrual cycle, a 

delicate collection of acne pimples dotted here and there or beckoning to be acknowledged in its own right, that beacon-like display of hormones, lurking beneath my epidermis, the illustrious zit.

Acne and 80

   As the wave recedes, sometimes I am left with a few darker spots, where that delicate epidermal reminder of my “womanhood” stood (the acne).  Similar to how a waiter near closing, sees lingering patrons on a night they could have closed early, my acne has been few, tolerable, but a bit irritating none-the-less.  My ever-optimistic mother had mis-educated me on at least one thing; she reassured me that my acne would cease once I became an adult, as it had done with her.  Well, that has not happened to date; each year I look for it and at this point, I’m fairly certain I will have some acne past menopause and into my aged years!  #Acne@80 Lol!

Photo Credit:  Terese Winslow

Photo Credit: Terese Winslow

Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentations

The dark spots that I am referring to have a name: they are called postinflammatory hyperpigmentations.  This is something more common to African-Americans, Asians, Latins, Indians and Mediterraneans, as we have more melanin.   Melanin is the chemical or pigment that creates the dark spots.  Melanin does provide pigment, but it is also a photoprotectant, in response to the presence of UV rays, which are harmful.  Yes, UV rays have benefits like aiding in the production of Vitamin D, but are also more commonly responsible for serious issues, like skin cancer, premature aging of the skin, suppression of the immune system and cataracts.  Once the acne has appeared there are cells called melanophages, that hang back in the dermis to consume the remains of what was created by the acne.  Part of those remains include melanin granules.  These granules look red or brown in color and are what we see after the acne pimple has gone back into hiding.  …and there you have a simplistic understanding of postinflammatory hyperpigmentatoion.   



Many use synthetic chemical options for reducing these spots.  I feel I expose my body to enough stress and prefer to “go the natural route”, if at all possible.  In fact for me it is more a minor irritation, at this point, so I have nothing to loose.  You can google postinflammatory hyperpigmentatoion and find all sorts of proposed solutions.  Being that I gravitate towards simple, I have begun trying a very simple Vegan Strawberry Mask.  




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