strawberries & Salicylic Acids!

You want simple, I’ve got simple!  This is the most carefree kind of mask you could ask for; it has one ingredient!  As with anything you can embellish upon the one ingredient requirement, but it is not necessary.  The magical ingredient is an organic strawberry.  Strawberries, with their vibrant red hues and yummy fragrance,  taste lovely and are filled with goodness for the internal body.   Many people know that strawberries are packed with vitamin C, but what many do not know, is that strawberries are loaded with Beta Hydroxy Acids called Salicylic acids.  Yes, that is correct, the ingredient that one can purchase at salons, in the sought after peels and potions.  The ingredient that many use for rejuvenation of sun-damaged skin, skin tightening (pores) and aging skin. Salicylic acid is helpful in treating mild to medium cases of acne.  It gets down in the follicle and cleans out the dead skin cells and remains. from an acne occurrence (which helps to reduce postinflammatory hyperpigmentations), This generally helps to keep your pores clear.  As with any Hydroxy Acid, one should give their skin a chance to get used to it.  I have sensitive skin and for me, starting out with this mask twice a week has worked well.  


You Will Need:

A strawberry - pretty simple eh? (Organic is really best here - as it's going right on your face!) 


1/6 Banana (The Vitamin A in it adds moisturize)

1/2 tsp. Jojoba Oil (It is similar to our skins sebum, so it delivers the Tea Tree Oil to skin well)

1-2 drops Tea Tree Oil (This has Antibacterial Properties)

Rose water (A Refreshing skin toner)

Tamanu or Rosehip Oil (two different oils typically suitable for oilier skin)


Step 1: 

Grab a fresh organic strawberry. 


Step 2: 

Core it...dice it. As you will see later, I probably could have done a more through job on my dicing.  I had some clumpy pieces to wrestle with!


I'm always trying to do luxurious things, that are a little more environmentally friendly and with zero time, so I favor "one pot cooking".  If you are up for a little more complexity, you can use a little unbleached parchment paper and a fork or a good ole' blender (it's only one strawberry  You can make a double batch and keep it in the fridge for the second application later in the week.  I prefer to make it fresh each time.

Step 3: 

Mash it...Well!


Step 4:

At this point you can add in a little banana, Tea Tree Oil and/or Jojoba oil.  I placed amounts above, but you can play around with these to suit your skin.  The banana is a great moisturizer, the Tea Tree Oil is good for its cleansing properties and Jojoba oil is quite close to the sebum of your skin, so it delivers the Tea Tree Oil well. 


What's this?  Made you look...

OK, sorry no time for childish games...


Step 5: 


you gotta...

Note: Avoid applying on the eye area and right close around the mouth.

Note: Avoid applying on the eye area and right close around the mouth.







Step 6:

It feels a little tingly and refreshing.  After 15 minutes or so, wash off the mask and follow with a few spritzes of Rose Water as a toner and then some Tamanu Oil or Rosehip Oil to moisturize!